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A jewel is part of dreams, has the gift of beauty and eternity, and contains a magical and infinite symbolic value


The Finest Jewellery without Middlemen

Our clients deal directly with manufacturers


¿Are you going to propose?

Design your engagement ring


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Create your own jewelry


Exclusive pieces

Each design is exclusive and handmade for each client


Family of jewelers and gem specialists since 1940

Behind D ’PAZ there is a family of artisan jewelers and master gemologists who, since 1940, have been creating purely handmade and tailor-made jewelry, as an emblem of current luxury. Direct importers of precious and semi-precious stones and expert wholesalers, are present throughout the entire creation and production process, the only formula to achieve authentic pieces with unique aesthetic value.

D ’PAZ also acts as a supplier for other jewelers, brands, training centers, collectors and museums.


Design your jewel

The Creative Process of Unique Jewels

D’PAZ invites each client who so wishes to be the maker and creator of their own jewel, together with the brand’s artisan and design team.

Here begins the story of your ideal Jewel:

1. The idea

An aesthetic vision, an iconic moment in life, a whim, or the desire to materialize your own personal design. There are many reasons for someone to wish to create a unique and personal jewel. The first step is to join you in that first moment and make ourselves part of the journey.

2. The perfect team

The perfect team.
Get to know your idea through illustrations, cinematographic references, fashion images, artworks… etc. It is the first thing we need to start developing the design of your jewel. Share your idea with us and we will help you to give it the desired shape.

3. Gems

As gemologists, importers of gems from source, and professional jeweler providers since 1940, we offer you the possibility to view a gem collection directly. Although the brilliance and purity of precious stones is unique through direct contemplation, from this gallery of images we show you some of our gems to make your tailor-made jewel.

4. The value of your jewel

Our creative team will translate your idea into a personalized assessment that we will share with you. When you study and accept the proposal that best suits you, our project will begin to come to life.

5. Production and realization in progress

Through email you will be able to follow step by step the complete process of making your jewel from composition to the highest quality finish.

6. Get your creation

Once the creative work of D’Paz is finished and after formalizing the payment for it with us, you will receive your dream jewel in a case by post, the fruit of your own idea and therefore, of your style and personality.


As gemologists and Diamond specialists, importers of original gems and suppliers of professional jewelers since 1940, we offer you the possibility of contemplating a collection of precious and semi-precious stones to be able to acquire directly through D'Paz (without middlemen). From this gallery of images, we show you some of our gems to choose from, whether you are a collector, jeweler, for your own workshop or for D’Paz to create your custom jewel. This is a small general sample of our gems, but if you are looking for a specific piece, do not hesitate to contact us.


At D'Paz we are Gemologists and Diamond Specialists. Importers of original gems and providers of professionals in the sector for generations. This allows all our clients to access an extensive assortment of gems and prices directly without intermediaries. These gems are what nourish our workshops where we make our tailor-made pieces for each of our clients. For your own jewelry pieces, as if you are a collector or investor, do not hesitate to contact us. These images are only a small sample so if you are looking for a specific piece, do not hesitate to contact us.

Recommended by a friend I found you and now I have to control myself so as not to spend all my salary with you ... Total freedom of design and "personalized" orientation in each idea. Cufflinks for my husband, earrings, necklaces, rings... You have asked me to comment on you and I can only say that it has been a pleasure meeting you.


I am an "amateur" jewelry designer and when I met DPAZ I was able to figure out how to bring my designs to reality. Various workshops depending on the type of jewel I want to make, speed, experience... and price!


My sister and I designed tailored earrings for our mother for her 70th birthday and at DPAZ they nailed them! We didn't know that they could do anything we wanted, and they also gave us their tweaks to improve it. Thank you!


We took some photos of a ring that captivated me on a trip to Istanbul last year. When we arrived, we showed it to you and in fifteen days I had it in my hand.

Javier & Yolanda

After browsing through 4 jewelries, you gave me a 50% better price for a tailor-made design for the engagement ring of the one who is my wife nowadays. ¡She loved it! Thanks for your help.

Carlos & Grachi


¿How can I pay for my D’Paz tailor made jewel?

When we receive your project and your references, images and ideas, our team will translate the project into a descriptive, detailed, and personalized budget that includes the total price of the creation. Once the proposal is accepted, 50% will be paid, and when you receive the piece the remaining 50%.

You can make your payment through bank transfer or card.

¿How to explain exactly the jewel that I want to design?

You can do it through images, your desired color chart, the approximate ideal size for you and, of course, from the gems you prefer for your jewel. You can even send us your ideal budget. Our creative team will have all the appropriate tools to develop the piece, through all the information received from you, both written and visual about the project.

¿Can I trust that my project will be materialize as I wish?

Yes, given that our creative and design team as well as our craftsmen and goldsmiths are experts in jewelry and therefore will perfectly translate your ideas. D’Paz provides the guarantee that the result will be as you wish and imagined it at the beginning, therefore, your piece will not be sent to your home until you are 100% pleased with it.


We will be happy to answer any questions or concerns you may have at info@dpazgems.com

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